By Michelle B. and Camilla S.

Friday, December 21, 2012

“Independence is happiness.” -Susan B. Anthony

I enjoy this quote because it shows how much dependency results to unhappiness. Think about it. We rely on people. Whether it is our parents, friends, or a significant other, we take in their emotions and feelings as well as our own. Face it, we all rely on people. When a family member dies, a breakup occurs, or a friend moves away: we all grieve in sadness. This melancholy behavior overcomes us due to the fact we need people. I’m not dismissing the fact that we need people however; it’s the way humans function with a social lifestyle. However, if people interacted with others with  independency, this would be a whole new ball game.  Society never lives in moderation: it is always too much, nor enough. I believe being independent and working on self aspirations, one could come to the true meaning of happiness, whatever your definition may be.

~Katie M. (Guest Blogger)

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